About ARZ Machining

ARZ Machining was founded in 1991 as a family owned CNC job shop in Grafton, Wisconsin. In 2007 two long-time employees took over ownership and worked tirelessly to transform ARZ Machining into what it is today. The transformation started with an upgrade to the CAD/CAM software and replacing aging machinery with modern, more efficient equipment to increase overall quality of work. As the company progressed, ARZ Machining was able to purchase a larger manufacturing facility in 2010. The new facility included a more efficient layout and was located within blocks of complementing metal fabrication facilities.

As the transformation of ARZ Machining continued, an upgrade was made to the the shop management software to connect all aspects of the business into one easy platform. And once the software was integrated into the daily operations of the facility, investments into design software and a 3D printer were made. More and more uses for this new technology are being found within the shop and as a value added service for our customers.

The historical transformation of ARZ Machining would not have been possible without a highly skilled and motivated workforce. Our employees’ hard work and dedication has been the building blocks of ARZ Machining’s success and without them we would not be where we are today.

Who We Serve

We serve purchasers of machined components, engineers, designers, project managers, fabrication shops, casting shops, and more. 

We provide products for the following industries:

  • High pressure hydraulics
  • Firearms
  • Architectural
  • Machine Repair / Maintenance
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Food
  • Agricultural
  • Electronic

Our Mission

To exceed our customer’s expectation in quality, delivery, cost, and service through continuous improvement and customer interaction, while providing a stable and positive work environment that promotes teamwork and provides satisfaction for our talented workforce.


Kenny Bosch - President/Operations Manager
19 years experience in CNC machining
11 years experience in management

Skills: Operations management, CAD Design (Solidworks), CAD/CAM programming (MasterCAM), strategic planning, quoting.

Hobbies: Playing Futsal/Soccer, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Biking, Muscle Cars, and Traveling.

Contact Kenny for concerns related to quoting, part designs, part quality, CAD/CAM, scheduling, cost reduction advice, and *Baxter*.

Tim Paegelow - Production Manager
20 years experience in CNC machining
11 years experience in management

Skills: Production management, journeyman Tool & Die, CNC programming, material procurement.

Hobbies: Motorcycles, snowmobiling, hunting, and fishing.

Contact Tim for concerns related to production scheduling, materials, product quality, scheduling, and *Daisy*.